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HASSLE FREE - Ultimate Convenience!

So your vehicle has become dirty and with a busy schedule and tired after a day's work, cleaning a car is often the last thing on your mind.

No need to bother driving to the car-wash or wasting your weekends. We come to you!

We are the Mobile Car Cleaning Experts and pride ourselves on delivering a service of the highest quality with ultimate convenience.

Our Car Cleaning Crew, who have been trained to treat your car with the highest level of care, will make your life as easy as possible and a Clean car for you to start your next day.

Economical - Affordable

How much do you pay for a car wash at Petrol stations now? $8 to $10 per wash?

What happens if you wash it on alternate days for a month?

An average of $9 x 15 days will give you an estimate cost of $135 a month!

What we are offering is only 35% of that and imagine how much can you save in a year!

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